Corporate training, Personality Development, Conflict Resolutions, Change Management, Business Etiquettes by professional Corporate trainer

Mindfulness in classrooms

Establishing positive behavior in students through DIRECTIVE COMMUNICATION

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
― Margaret Mead,

Besides being teachers ..... There's a need for us to be THE AWAKENERS

A young mind is not a vessel to be filled ...... but a fire to be kindled.”

“Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.” ― Plato

Every young child is a product of the environment he lives in - a product of interactions during his earthly existence - Through DC, we work towards helping the young, to mature, to understand the world, and to understand themselves.

Our focus

We endeavor to make students LOOK INWARDS - and reach out to their hidden potential - and start building their SELF ESTEEM.
Our aim is to enhance the Performance of students, both in class, and in extracurricular activities. Every parent strives to see his child excel - be responsible - be focussed towards his development as an individual. Every school would want its students to excel in studies and bring laurels through sports and other extra curricular activities. All this is possible through the scientific means of Directive Communication Psychology , where we offer a complete solution to “ Student involvement - where they evolve and make efforts to OUT PERFORM their Own‐ Selves”. We also train teachers to understand student Psychology and guide students accordingly.


(a) “Psychology” that Affects Students towards how they Act and React individually and in Groups.

(b) It is a “Science” that Influences Team Dynamics to Cultivate High Performance Cooperative Work Cultures and Leadership across any discipline amongst students

(c) Incorporates latest breakthroughs in Motivational and Genetic Psychology, and applies them in Improving Group Culture, Team Development and Enhancement of team spirit in class rooms

(d) Create a climate of esprit de corps , that can Enhance Better inter student and teacher - student relationships to create a healthy school Environment.

What do we as Professionals do for you?

We carry out the Brain Processing of the Students and the Faculty to Identify the Brain Color and thus the Brain Processing Characteristics. We also conduct the process for the Identification of the Emotional Drivers for the Students and the Faculty.
The Tests and Interactions help the Students and the Faculty alike in the following manner:

(a) Students.

(i) Helps the student to understand himself better for the sake of his performance.
(ii) Helps the student to understand the classmates better. This enables him to improve his performance in relation to the others.
(iii) Helps the student to understand his Emotional Drivers and those of his classmates for a better Team Spirit and Effective Communication.
(iv) Makes the Students better Leaders, Speakers and Out‐Perform themselves.

(b) Faculty.

(i) Helps the Faculty to know themselves and students better.
(ii) Helps them to understand the colleagues better for an effective and cohesive team building.


- understanding of RAS for better focus on oneself , others and the environment
- Time - Management
- Ways to expand our CIRCLE OF TOLERANCE
- Brain Processors - Brain color Mapping with the use of CBCI & colored Brain Cards
- Human Driving Forces
- Emotional Drivers & their role in development of students and staff in schools
- Use of BODY POSTURES for effective communication skills - that bring out the best of our mental and emotional facilities
- Ways to overcome internal fears and nurture confidence enhancing skills

Corporate training, Personality Development, Conflict Resolutions, Change Management, Business Etiquettes by professional Corporate trainer
Corporate training, Personality Development, Conflict Resolutions, Change Management, Business Etiquettes by professional Corporate trainer
Corporate training, Personality Development, Conflict Resolutions, Change Management, Business Etiquettes by professional Corporate trainer

How Students Benefit from Our Trainings?

Modus operandi

  • Students develop global thinking
  • Improve cross cultural communication skills
  • Learn to deal with international counterparts
  • Be brave to present their thoughts and ideas
  • Develop English speaking proficiency
  • Improve conversational skills
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Attain fluency in their communication
  • Writing skills are enhanced
  • Learn to integrate learning into their daily routines
  • Enhance their assertiveness
  • Screen out distractions and learn to concentrate
  • Develop new capabilities
  • Become worldly wise with current events
  • Develop leadership qualities and team work
  • Improve etiquettes and appearance
  • Enhance decision making skills
  • Foster Independent Thinking
  • Learn great values like integrity, honesty , punctuality , efficiency
  • Become flexible and adaptable
  • Speech enhancement – pronunciation
  • Ability to accept any challenge
  • Effective Verbal & non verbal Communication
  • Improves long term outlook to life
  • Empowered with assertive personalities
  • Get enveloped in a culture of achievement
  • Master english vocabulary
  • We provide an enriched environment
  • opportunities to brain storm
  • Multi faceted discussions on topics of the day
  • Debates on current events
  • Emphasis on oral & written communication
  • Preparing & presenting articles
  • Listen to & critique presentations
  • Facilitating conferences & discussion session
  • Case studies, role plays, simulation
  • Extempore speaking drills



Trainings for the Teachers


Recommended Trainings for Students

  • Time Management
  • Global Visions
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • The LEADER in you
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Handling Differences – CONFLICT RESOLUTION
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving


A Workshop on Sports Psychology

- Building the Minds of Champions

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